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The Casino de Barcelona hosts a new edition of the Casino Malaysia


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Last year 253 players participated and €1,265,000 in prizes were awarded

For the third consecutive year, the Peralada Group’s Casino de Barcelona hosts the Casino Malaysia, one of the most important international poker circuits, which brings together the best players in the world. The Spanish stage of the championship – the WPT Spanish Championship – will take place from June 24 to 30. It should be noted that this competition is the most important poker tournament held in Spain together with the European Poker Tour, which also takes place at the Casino de Barcelona, which shows its importance at an international level.

The main event begins on Friday June 26 and concludes with the final on Tuesday June 30. Those interested in participating can register directly by paying the price of 5,300 euros, but players can also qualify through the supersatellites that will be held on June 24 and 25 starting at 3:00 p.m. at the Casino de Barcelona itself. with a purchase price of €220, with replacements.


In addition, the Casino has organized “step by step” satellites, that is, by steps, which will take place every Tuesday during the months of May and June to facilitate the classification of players for the main event of the WPT. Thus, from only €25+€5, every Tuesday in May satellites will be held in first level phases (step 1) that will give tickets to higher level satellites. On Tuesday, June 2 and 9, the second level satellites (step 2) will be held for €200 + €10, while step 3 will take place on June 16, granting direct tickets to the WPT Spanish Championship. All players will have access to participate in any of these tournaments, either by accessing the satellite of the previous level or by paying the buy-in and the corresponding registration. In addition to these multi-table steps, sit&gos will be offered for Tier 2 and Tier 3 tournaments, which will be available on all scheduled tournament days.

Last year 253 players participated and €1,265,000 in prizes were awarded

There was some fierce action between xSt0n3rx and whitelime today on Full Tilt. The game was $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em.

Several pots were close to $100,000 in size, with the largest being a $120,000 win by xSt0n3rx holding POCKET FOURS against whitelime’s BIG SLICK. The fighters moved all their chips in pre-flop and all 4s held when whitlime failed to improve his hand.

One of the more interesting hands was in a pot of $83,196 when whitelime coldly called with a straight on the flop, hoping xSt0n3rx would continue betting.

xSt0n3rx took the bait and committed to the pot with a $10,000 bet on the turn. And when whitelime moved all-in, he called with an OPEN-ENDED STRAIGHT DRAW and low pair, not knowing he was DRAWING to only 3 OUTS for a SPLIT.

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