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Daniel Negraneau Stacked for slot online


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I recently tried the slot online game “Danie Negraneau Stacked”. The graphics are great, and it was neat to peek at my cards like in real life, and you can choose what emotion to display. But I must say I would much rather be playing for real money on multiple tables on the computer.

But it did get me thinking… wouldn’t it be cool to combine the great PS graphics and the comfort of the living room couch and big tv with real money playing …. and what if one of the online rooms added the emotion/face feature to add another element to online playing? gets renovated and re-launches as a unique dating site for poker players. This marrying of the 2 ideas creates a clever niche dating site where players can play poker and find love at the same time.

/24-7PressRelease/ – June 12, 2023 – Online dating has long been one of the most useful services to emerge from the Internet. It’s popularity borne out of a new generation of people who are turning to the Internet to seek out love and romance.

People are running such busy lives in today’s competitive society, that many have simply don’t have the time or opportunity to find the perfect match.

Let’s be honest, the same applies to poker players. You spend a lot of time on the tables or online and not enough time looking for true love!

For several years, has been an active portal site in the community of online poker. Through it’s interaction with quality poker players and feedback which members have provided, it was felt that there was a need to re-invent the site as a fully fledged online dating site, specifically for poker players.

dentifying that the typical online poker player will spend hours playing poker online, aims to provide an online dating service that will bring players of similar interests together.

Players are getting together, and high profile couplings in the poker celebrity world has identified that players also have needs, other than winning tournaments.

What better way to enjoy your favourite game of poker than to do it with a lover by your side, perhaps even participating! Who knows, maybe even one day you’ll go head to head at a tournament final!

The full service dating site provided by will have added benefits of having a growing selection of poker information as well. Articles on improving your game of poker are there as a part of their comprehensive poker school, containing also rules, probability studies and columns.

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