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The game slot penghasil uang Party Scene: Bodog @ TAO


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Last night, I was lucky enough to be Dr. Pauly’s “+1” at Bodog’s game slot penghasil uang Main Event kickoff party at TAO nightclub. For weeks this bash had been hyped in poker media circles as the one not to miss, and Calvin Ayre & Co.’s over-the-top display of decadence certainly did not disappoint this budding Vegas scenester.

After sailing through the velvet ropes (thanks to our friends at Wicked Chops Poker) we were greeted by a wall of candle-lit stone buddhas standing guard over a full-service champagne bar. Two buxom Bodog girls in tight black minidresses led us into the elevator, which took us up one floor to the club’s main room. Inside was a scene straight out of Studio 54 with a distinct Asian flavor. Geisha girls in red kimonos gyrated on elevated stages surrounding the dance floor, where a full-scale Chinese dragon undulated amongst hundreds of black-clad clubgoers. Models in rose petal bikinis took turns lathering up in a claw-foot bathtub while slack-jawed online qualifiers in Hawaiian shirts gazed on in stunned amazement. High-stakes games of pool raged on in the alcoves that lined the side of the room, with Gavin Smith defeating The Black Widow heads-up despite a blood alcohol level approaching 0.4.

Dozens of poker pros joined in last night’s revelry. Andy Bloch left the cowboy hat at home and was looking dapper in a striped brown button down shirt with a psychedelic twist, though he looked a bit out of his element in the crazy club environment. Humberto Brenes was hardly recognizable in a slick black suit and tie. Clonie Gowen stayed true to her Texas roots in a short, tiered black prarie skirt finished off with a silver-studded belt. Kenna James, sipping a cocktail in a white pinstripe shirt and his trademark black hat, was utterly dumbstruck by his surroundings.

“What a scene!” he remarked, his blue eyes twinkling.

Just one more event please – I’m sure we can squeeze it in over there

So here’s the problem : six tournaments – one room, only a few more than 200 tables.

Right – start the 2800 player $1500 NLH main event for the day. Good, hey why are all those people standing around ? Oh! Alternates! Oooh, there’s a lot of them. Don’t worry, she’ll be right. ( come on, bust you suckers, bust ).

Here we go

Alright, so I decided to start a poker blog, it’s mostly for me to reflect on my playing and stuff. Right now here are the stats:


Full Tilt:$125





I’ve been playing PLO8b lately, and its a great break from NLHE, the game is thought-provoking and complex, and I like that. My goal is to grind out 25k points and get a sick Full Tilt basketball jersey, while owning the tables at the same time.

On a different note, I played live yesterday, at Barona Valley Ranch. It had been a while since I played live, so I cut my teeth at the 1/2nl 50max buyin. I didn’t really like the $50 max rule, but as soon as I sat down I knew I would own the table. After 2.5hrs, I ended up at $130, for a profit of $80. I never showed a hand down.

Probably the hand that got me respect at the table was when I was dealt JJ on the button, and raised it to 10 after 2 limpers. It’s folded around to the limper on my right, and he pops it up to $22, and I fold Jacks faceup. He gets a little pissed and shows AA, and this asian businessman next to me compliments me on the fold.

That’s all for now, PLO8b sesh about to start up.

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