thatwright Wins Full Tilt Poker 289bet XVIII Event #18


Over at Full Tilt Poker, they’re wasting no time ripping through 289bet XVIII. More than half of the $6 million guaranteed prize pools have spilled into lucky pockets, with the big Two-Day and Main Events appearing over the horizon.

It was fitting, in a series progressing at such a breakneck speed, that Event #18 utilized Full Tilt’s unique Rush Poker format. Introduced earlier this year, Rush Poker keeps every player constantly in the action by switching them to a new table each time they fold a hand. It has proved incredibly popular with new and established players alike. Poker generally involves a lot of downtime, as you watch your opponent’s play out a hand. With this new format, you can discard your rags and have another hand ready for you immediately.

The format made a successful appearance in the most recent FTOPS and its equivalent MiniFTOPS tournament proved just as popular. Event #18 was a No Limit Hold’em Super Turbo contest, with players starting with just 300 chips. The $100,000 guarantee was an enticing prospect for plenty of potential combatants, so much so that the combined $22 + $2 buy-ins surpassed Full Tilt’s promised contribution. The $116,020 prize pool was shared between 558 players, with a top prize in the region of $23,000.

The tournament was hosted by Brazilian pro Felipe ‘Mojave’ Ramos. The Pot Limit Omaha expert was a slightly odd choice to host this Texas Hold’em Rush Poker tournament, but, being of relatively low status on the Full Tilt team, hosting any MiniFTOPS event is about the best he can hope for. He only managed to last until 2997th place, but can console himself with the knowledge that he has two PLO WSOP final tables to his name, as well as around $500,000 in live tournament winnings.

A decent number of his Red Pro compatriots turned out to compete in Event #18, including two who managed to cash. It must be in Aaron Bartley’s contract that he is legally required to be in the money in every FTOPS event. Once again he made a profit in Full Tilt’s marquee series, finishing in 320th place. He was outdone by Lee Watkinson, who topped the Red Pro rankings in 298th.

Rush Poker tournaments tend to fly by. It didn’t even take 2.5 hours to complete the entire event, let alone reach the final table. The final 9 in a Rush Poker event plays just the same as the end of any regular tournament, but with the adrenaline of the non-stop hands still coursing through your veins, it can be difficult to adjust to the more sedate style of play. Making the transition most successfully was thatwright, who picked up the $23,000 first prize. Just behind him in second and third respectively were adofpoker67 and Tequila976.

The final table payouts in full were as follows:

1st thatwright ($22,971,96)

2nd adofpoker67 ($14,096.43)

3rd Tequila976 ($10,205.12)

4th Highcheck ($7,193.24)

5th InspectClouseau ($5,2200.90)

6th Frenzy09 ($3,480.60)

7th UrOut13 ($2,320.40)

8th MKAPHO73 ($1,624.28)

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