Should We Ask Much From The New Search Kid On The Block?

Since dropped Jeeves the company seems to be on a tear to overcome Google in the top spot on the Web. Will it succeed? Possibly.

It’s still got a long ways to go but is off to a good start. It’s got a nice look and feel, unlike the cheesy Jeeves that used to ugly the dwindling company’s web space. The company is making strides.

In April this year, the company caught the attention of Searchviews who wrote about as a competitor to Google and Yahoo on search campaigns. On March 30, 2006, the Wall Street Journal offered its endorsement of the newest big search engine to enter the ring. Just read this:

“Ask holds its own with Google, and even beats the champ on some searches.”

Indeed, we’d agree.’s site preview feature is to-die for. It makes us wonder why Google didn’t think of it before. Plus,’s narrow and expanded search features are an added benefit. In a word, we’re impressed.

Another great Ask feature is the search for blogs and feeds. Ask allows you to search by popularity, relevance or most recent. With Google, your confined to whatever they give you, and it may not always be relevant. also allows you to subscribe to news feeds in several reader formats including Google Reader and MyYahoo. My interfacting with its competitors in this way, the company proves it isn’t threatened by the bigness of the larger engines. It’s ready to take them on.

Plus, Google has caught some flak in recent years from techies and webmasters who are excited about its algorithms. enters the fray without such baggage.

In October, Ask introduced its mobile search feature, allowing mobile phone users the ability to search the web. While the company still has a way to go to take serious market share away from Google and Yahoo, we’ll be keeping an eye on them. We’re expecting great things from Ask.

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