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Keep your bad beat QQWIN99 stories to yourself…


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Playing a MTT freeroll WSOP satellite at AP. Same guy rivered me out twice with little cards, beating my so-called “quality hands”.

First hand: I’m QQWIN99 AKo in the BB. 5 limpers, and I make it 5x the BB to go. 4 callers. Little cards on the flop. Gets checked around. Little card on the turn. Checked again. Little card on the river, a 5. I check and the guy behind me bets about 1/2 the pot. It was a tiny amount of my bankroll at the time, so I mostly called just to send the message not to try to steal on me. He had called a 5x raise with 4c5c. Ok, they were suited, but c’mon!

I’m playing a great, tight aggressive game, accumulating chips and staying ahead of average. Almost at the first break, I pick up QQ, in the BB again. I make it 4x the BB to go. 4 callers, including the same guy. Flop, turn, and river are all little cards, but I’ve learned from before and I’m pounding, eventually putting the dude all-in. He rivers a straight, playing 6s3s.


No way I put him on the straight draw, he wasn’t getting odds. I put him on either the top pair on the board (a 10), or waiting to spike an Ace or King. Straight draw, no way. I knew he had to play crap cards to have hit it.


I saw that he lives in a town about 50 miles away, I’m ready to hunt the bastard down – anyone with me?

Hey, here’s an idea: Anyone remember the Seinfeld episode where he wanted to live out every comedians dream and show up at the workplace of someone that heckled him in the club, so he could heckle them at their job? He did it, it was pretty funny.

I think that the next time all the bloggers get together like they did in Vegas last week, instead of a tourney, they should hunt down some rag-playing sumbitch and give him a bad-beat about the head and shoulders.

I’d sign up for that trip in a heartbeat!

At least I didn’t spend my own money on the tourney, then I’d be REALLY pissed! That’s right, I’m not even REALLY pissed yet! Imagine what THAT would be like!

So, ya’ll just keep your bad beats to yourself, I’m too busy stewing over mine. It’ll take a while.

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