Allows you to be a cool summer beauties


In hot summer, skin always feeling greasy tired, large pores, acne and other issues coming, is very annoying. As the temperature is high, people easily sweat, oil production relatively strong, so skin appear these case are in fact quite normal. but there is no way to solve these problems?  Today, we recommend some familiar oil control tips, return you white smooth skin, make a refreshing summer beauty!


Summer Oil-Control Method 1: T-zone Oil-Control


Summer Oil-Control Method 2: double clean


Summer Oil-Control Method 3: Exfoliating


Summer Oil-Control Method 4: Water balance


Summer Oil-Control Method 5: mask


Summer Oil-Control Method 6: try new products of acid


Summer Oil-Control Method 7: Try oil products


Summer Oil-Control Method 8: maintain mood happy


Summer Oil-Control Method 9: balance diet

Dark circles care

The formation of dark circles related with the following factors: insufficient sleep, excessive fatigue, the eyelid not rest, tension in contraction, the part of a long time to increase blood flow and vascular filling, Irregular Menstruation of women will appear dark circles. Learn more about dysport vs botox which is better

Dark circles formed after the right remedy, consult a doctor to find out causes and timely treatment to maintain a happy spirit, the spirit of reducing the burden of life, alcoholic drinks and tobacco control, protection of adequate sleep, prompted strong blood, looks fresh and strengthening eye Massage, to improve local blood circulation, reduce congestion stranded; maintain eye skin nutrition supply, oil-coated, moisture adequate eyes cream so that the skin and subcutaneous tissue eye is full of vitality; attention to drawing nourishment from the diet, eat more Lean meat, eggs, soybean, peanut, soybean, sesame, fresh vegetables and fruit, rich in fat, protein, amino acid, vitamin A and minerals in food.

After the formation of dark circles, at home, you can slice potatoes, applied on the eye, about 4 to 5 minutes; or use gauze dipped tea apply around eyes, to reduce the dark circles.


Many office workers because of the relationship of work, go to sleep time and sleep time is often not fixed, in fact, sleep and food are all same, will be to our skin and body have a great impact. Therefore, I would usually pay attention in my own way, want to treasure a good time to sleep, to sleep so that the quality of the best level.


Create a good sleeping “environment”


Before going to sleep, let their favorite smell full of whole room, so that can quickly release stress, the mood will suddenly become relaxation.


In addition, the seasonal transformation period, often over the pandemic flu season, uncomfortable nose and throat, often affect sleep quality. This time, the fragrance has also played a big effect, even if it does not take medicine, so you can sleep very stable.


Perspective of Sleeping Beauty’s secret


Interior decoration and the sleep pillow is the most important factor of impact, so in the choice of pillows and bedspreads group, in fact, I have almost harsh stress, unified choose my favorite yellow rice, and from childhood had been sleeping on the pillow Type, I can try to create a relaxed slept the perfect space.


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