6 Natural Beauty Subscription Boxes Under $25


So we’ve all heard of sample beauty subscription boxes (I seriously did not know about these until a few months ago). Right? Me, a beauty care product addict. How did I miss this? It’s a huge business and when I found out about these awesome monthly boxes, I did some research. Did you know that there are a ton of beauty bloggers talking about the best subscription boxes? Did you know that there are hundreds of hours of videos on You Tube about the beauty box wars? Believe me, I watched them all.

Just in case you’re in the dark like I was; what are subscription boxes?

Companies send you monthly samples for a preset monthly cost, you try them, you like the products, you go to the website to buy them, it’s a win, win. You can get sample subscription boxes for just about anything from skin care and baby to food, wine, crafting and yes, even dog treats! Click here to see them all. You can pick the best subscriptions boxes for you. Beware the addiction.

Which beauty box is for me?

After deciding I have to get some of these boxes, I figured there must be some natural beauty boxes out there right? There are! But I am sure you all knew that. While you can find videos out there about every beauty box if you have the time, (it’s extremely addicting and extremely painful watching these women take 15 minutes to show you the box and unwrap the box), I am just going to list the best natural monthly boxes under $25, because for me, it always comes down to cost.

All of the following natural beauty boxes are under 25 bucks a month. In the end, I probably spend more than 25 bucks on full size products each week that don’t work and end up in the trash. Like I said, a win win.


What I like: you can browse the site and see what the products are for the current month and what they were previous months to get an idea of what you will be receiving.

Brands like soapbox, True Nature, Vapour Organic, Angel Face Botanicals, Zoe Organics, you can be sure you are getting the best all natural skin products to try. $19 per month.

The All Natural Face

A completely vegan company, this company offers a beauty subscription box for $15 a month including shipping. You will receive over $20 worth of products and a bunch of free samples. They mix it up so you are always getting their most fabulous products and new releases.

Didn’t find much too much info on this box; the website is a little tacky (just sayin) but it’s only $15 bucks a month and did I mention products that are completely vegan?

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

This company offers 2 boxes, the Vegan Cuts Snack Box and the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I am only interested in the latter.

Like all beauty sample subscription boxes, this is the easiest way to discover cruelty-free brands without committing to full-size products or prices. Each month you’ll receive a delivery of 4-7 new products to try, ranging from unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare.

$19.95 per month

Here is a video of the January Vegan Cuts Beauty Box (torture)

With Love From Angela

A local business from Cincinatti, as in small, this company provides high quality, all natural bath and skin care products to your door every month in a fantastic subscription box. They feature many products that meet high standards and are all natural.

Some examples of what might be included: bath bombs, bath truffles, lotion bars, lip balm, sugar scrubs, foot scrubs, and handmade gourmet soap just to name a few.

They include their own products, along with other products that they deem 100% quality and all natural. “If we don’t love it first then we simply don’t use it”

What I like: local business and natural products

If you love to take baths and you know what bath truffles are, this would be a great box to try.

$24.99 and free shipping

Conscious Box

Choose from three curated monthly box options: Classic, Vegan or Gluten-Free

Discover healthier natural choices for your everyday food, home, bath and body items so if you are only interested in natural beauty products, this box is not for you.

Although…. you may be tempted by the fact that a previous box contained a full bottle of Acure Organics Argan Oil and medical grade coconut oil. OMG!

Pictures of previous boxes here.


The site boasts: “Replace every product you use with a conscious alternative!”

Join Kloverbox and every month they will send you the best natural, cruelty-free and organic beauty, health, nutrition and home products. You’ll get to try affordable eco-friendly products, handpicked by health conscious curators, so you can incorporate better products into every aspect of your life.

What I like: cruelty free, vegan, and organic; can’t get any better natural products

For those of you who are interested in other natural stuff like cleaning supplies and nutrition, this might be the ticket.

As low as 22.50 per month

I just signed up for the Goodebox because the products are natural and the monthly subscription is under $20. I won’t be doing a You Tube video (not in a million years), but I will be talking about the products each month so stay tuned.

Did you know there are subscription boxes for natural hair products? Another time maybe.

What are your experiences with all natural beauty subscription boxes? Also you can read about “top filler injector” here

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