Crazy Motor Insurance Claims

Okay, so there is this guy driving down the road and all of the sudden a tree appears from nowhere and jumps into his path. Who is at fault?

Believe it or not, claims processors for auto insurance companies often run into explanations for accidents that defy logic and, at times, are downright comical. The claim form for the tree accident may have elicited a funny thought or two from the claims processor. Was the tree carrying short term car insurance (visit this site for information) at the time of the accident? After all according to the driver of the car, the tree was clearly at fault. Does this accident finally provide an answer to the age old question: Does a tree in the forest that falls when no one is around make a sound? The resounding answer, no! Trees move with great stealth.

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One driver indicated he/she was the victim of the black arts. The claim form for a broken windshield stated the cause of the damage was unknown. Therefore, it must have been Voodoo. The claims processor may have wondered if Voodoo fell in the category of damage due to natural events such as flood, hail, lightning or tornado. The processor may have wanted to ask the driver if they knew who cast the Voodoo spell. Why should their insurance company pay out when someone perpetrated a crime against their insured? The claims processor may have wondered if a suggestion to create a new short term car insurance product that covered the black arts would garner any rewards, promotion or salary increase.

Medical miracles have been discovered through insurance claim forms. One driver was definitely not at fault for the accident described on his/her claim form. This driver had used all three eyes to insure the path was clear. One eye was focused on the truck in front. The second eye watched a pedestrian. And, the third eye observed the car behind. The claims processor for this accident surely wondered if the third eye was located in the back of the head and possibly obscured by a wayward lock of hair. The processor possibly thought about submitting the information to The American Journal of Medicine.

Crazy motor insurance claims abound. They are one of the perks of being an insurance claims processor. Not only do the claims made by drivers provide for a chuckle, the potential responses of the processor can provide for comic relief. So, did you hear about the one where a driver claimed ……………………



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